Add to this Historical Archive

This online archive will store and present historical data and personal memories of black diaspora students, staff, and faculty members at MIT.

Why are we collecting stories?

These stories will constitute a continuously expanding archive. They will offer the world a chance to learn more about our particular histories as blacks at MIT – how they are both part of the greater MIT story and of a particular narrative about race, national origins, and education in the US. In addition, sharing your story via this website also offers you a chance to not only capture and preserve a piece of your personal history, but also to remember and honor the important people who got you to and through MIT.

What kinds of stories are we looking for?

One way of thinking about it is to think back on a powerful memory of your time at the Institute, a moment that feels significant for any number of reasons – a breakthrough, an achievement, a failure, a disappointment – essentially, a moment that still brings up strong emotions when you think back on it.

Appropriate material

We expect the material you submit to be yours and to not violate the property or rights of other people or organizations. Moreover, the stories may not contain material we deem to be obscene, indecent or defamatory, nor should they be used as a means to promote products or websites.

The project team reserves the right to made edits to submitted stories, though editing will be kept to a minimum. It will generally only be used to maximize the quality of sound and image in audio and video recordings, and to improve formatting, remove typographical errors, and ensure continuity in written narratives. We will confer with you throughout the process.

Thank you for participating!